A thousand poems he’s written
Just to pledge his love undying
Sadly, she’s still distant and uncaring
And his verses are unread and forgotten
First time he saw her, he’s been bitten
By a love bug, aye! there’s no denying!
Ever hopeful, he’ll likely keep on writing
For maybe her heart somehow will soften!
Alas, the faint of heart ne’er will be
A fair match for the goddess Aphrodite!
© F Aparici                  09/28/2017

Dedicated to all the lovesick guys out there...
The photo is the Rock of Aphrodite in Cyprus.

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Lance nathan conrad
about 3 years

Fits me to a tee. A thousand isn't all that far off!!!!!

about 3 years

Thank you for liking... I just checked and you have a little over two hundred to go. LOL. Keep on writing. I like your poems...

Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

At least there's Mona Lisa. But nobody can tell what she's up to with her enigmatic smile so we end up just singing to her. Like they say with goddess-like beautiful women - "In your dream."
Like. Thanks Brod. I'll see to it my poetry is one short of a K.

about 3 years

LOL... you and I got a long way to go before we get to 1K

Thanks for liking Brod. I'll write you an email to explain this poem

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