After thirteen years
I bid farewell
To a faithful friend;
My constant companion
When I was all alone!
We took trips together
And visited places
Near and far away.
And when I had to fly
She took me to the airport;
And there she was
Waiting patiently
Whenever I get back!
She dropped me off
To work every morning
And on the way
We listened to rock and roll;
She never said anything
Even when I sing
Horrendously out of tune.
She took me home every evening
Listening to Delilah along the way.
But she’s been ill lately
And maybe there’s not much
I can do for her...
Still it breaks my heart to let go...
I will miss the way
Her engine purrs
Her smooth acceleration
When I stepped on the gas!
Thirteen years, my faithful friend
My constant companion
Through thick and thin!
©  F Aparici         12/19/2016

This was a poem I wrote over two years ago when I sold my car, a reliable friend of thirteen years. The photo shows a Nissan 300ZX. My car was a very distant cousin LOL.


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Charlotte B. Williams
about 2 years

Our car can be a great blessing to us. I can understand it being hard to part with your friend. Nice poem.

about 2 years

Thanks Charlotte. I still miss that car which I traded in two years ago.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Nice looking top down. Totally relate. My two seater M Roadster ragtop Bimmer is still with me like a faithful purring feline. It is 16 years old now and aging like a vintage wine with dents and nicks here and there. Hate to part with it in today’s carbon footprint age. I consider wearing a mascara when I drive it to grocery trips. Maybe just maybe a full electric Monster SUV could fill the bill to replace it. But what should I do with a Monster SUV in the first place? Trips to grocery and shopping?

Hmm...maybe an electric unicycle will do, then I can wear mascaras with stripe shirts and pants. No red noses please. Hah! ;))

Thanks Brod. Like.

about 2 years

Thanks Brod. As I said in the notes my car didn't really look like the one in the picture. It was actually a 2004 Honda Accord two-door V6. It had great acceleration and extremely reliable till I got to an accident and things never returned to normal. Now I am driving Sim's 16 year old red two door ragtop - a 2003 Mercedes CLK 350. But I still miss my dependable Honda,

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