She had walked into my world un-invited
One Monday morning in very early June
She was in tears, her face full of dread
Wanting to leave, go back home soon
Be still!  I hushed my six-year old heart
As it beat so fast I just can’t keep up
I craned my neck so hard until it hurt
To look at her lovely face and I can’t stop
She wanted to leave but silently I prayed
That she would change her mind and stay
I know God must like me for He ordained
She leaves not so I could see her every day
She was the most beautiful girl I have seen
And her tears that day were like little pearls
She has magnetic eyes that drive girls green
A Mona Lisa smile, dark hair in lovely curls
Yes, she walked un-invited into my universe
One early June morning in nineteen fifty-five
Unerringly, Cupid’s arrow, my heart did pierce
Wounded but in love, I never felt more alive!
She was my first crush and my very first love
My first heartbreak too, when I was but a teen
She stole my heart, my angel from heaven above
She’s my lovely, my forever beautiful queen
F Aparici     12/17/2012


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Nelson D Reyes
11 mois

If only we can ride a time machine and stop at places we want to. Then again that’s precisely what poetry is all about - a special kind of time machine that captures our most intimate cherished memories wrapped them around with ribbons of magical words.

Beautiful memories Brod. Like. Thank you.

11 mois

Thanks Brod. Most of my poems are fictional, or modified for dramatic effects. This one is real. I carried a torch for this girl from grade school to adulthood. But it wasn't meant to be. She married another guy. Sadly she passed away five years ago.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
11 mois

@Francis: Sorry to hear.

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