Scent of cinnamon in the air
Pumpkin spice and vanilla too
Sensory proof that autumn’s here...
Out the window what lovely view
Freshly cut hay in amber field
Orange-red trees and skies so blue...
Feeling blest our joy unconcealed
As we breathe the refreshing breeze
Heav’nly blessings our spirits healed...
All our senses feeling at ease
Can we have more autumn days please?
© F Aparici

My fourth and last poem about autumn...


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Sim Evora
6 months

Yummmmm!!! Delicious, like pumpkin pie with cinnamon.

6 months

Hhhmmm. Thanks for liking.

Nelson D Reyes
6 months

Love it. A bark at its simplest - color, fragrance and warmth- a cinnamon romance unmistakably autumn ushering in the snow into the threshold of spring.
Thanks Brod. Nice.

6 months

Thanks Brod. The scent of cinnamon definitely an autumn fragrance, unmistakable. Harvest, cornucopia of God's bounty and blessings.

This is the fourth and last of my autumn poems for this year. Till next year when the brain cells think of other autumn wonders. LOL

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