Strand of Pearls

He could taste the salt in the air
As they walked by the frothy sea
It was so cold but they didn’t care
Her face is all that he could see
They hugged tightly to keep warm
Sat on a bench to while the time
He’ll always keep her from harm
For his heart is hers for all time
Each moment he spends with her
A bead in a strand of pearls
Each as beautiful as the other
Priceless as when a leaf unfurls
Alas!  It’s late; it’s time to go
To the place whence they came
In her face, he could see sorrow
Surely, his face shows the same
The strand of pearls, he prays
Will extend by a trillion beads
They’ll be together all their days
What she wants; what he needs!
© F Aparici   02/24/2013


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