from a nightmare
he woke up suddenly
desperately trying to remember
the dream, but unsuccessfully
he glanced at her side of the bed
surprised she’s not there
puzzled perplexed worried
then his heart skipped
eyes grew wide open
fearful and panicked
terrified and frozen
for it finally dawned
a punch in the gut
the realization sinks in!
she had left for good
crossed the threshold
to the world beyond
never to come back
then he recalls the dream
a nightmare that wasn’t
for it’s all true, it happened
just like in the dream
now he’s all alone
to face the world
in a half-empty bed
without her by his side
his tower of strength
his one and only love!
doubtful he can do it...
f aparici


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Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Purple dream.

Waking up and walking the purple gloom and sadness. And aligning with calmness, being under the mystic purple aura of inner peace.

Lead photo says it all, a mysterious purple dream in the end coalescing with deep feelings of purple spirituality, finding your way to inner peace.

Like. Crappy moments I have as well.


3 months

Purple is such a SAD color. But purple also reminds me of Prince's "Purple Rain" the best break-up song ever. Which in itself could be considered SAD as well, if you're still in love with the other person. But if not, it could be liberating LOL.

Purple is also the color of Lent in Catholic liturgy. A time not of sadness but rather of reflection.

Thanks for liking Brod.

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