Fun with Limericks

One day in the garage we saw a big cockroach
It wasn’t moving, I thought it was a broach
Even so, I got a broom
The critter met its doom
My wife quite frightened, she won’t approach
I looked around, see if others still encroach
Assured her, but she glared at me with reproach
For the brand-new broom
Bought just for our bath room
Now infected with filth from the very dead roach
© F Aparici
My wife has an inordinate fear of anything that crawls.  Quite funny to see how she reacts when she sees a roach or a gecko.  Or God forbid, a snake.  LOL


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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

A roach is a roach is a roach
By any other name now is a broom

That gecko on tv is quite entertaining.

Like. Thanks Brod.

about 2 years

Thanks Brod

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