Kind words are free; offered by the speaker
They edify, they comfort, they beget smiles
But words unkind cut deeper than a dagger
They hurt and destroy even across the miles
Thus, with your words be careful, vigilant ever
That what you say turns not into venom in vials
For words once spoken; retrieve them, never!
Alas! Even after a thousand denials!
© F Aparici                              09/11/2017

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circa 3 anni

We certainly are the creators of our words and this poem is of absolute truth!

circa 3 anni

Thank you for liking Delilah. And yes, we have to own our words and make sure they don't hurt others.

Nelson D Reyes
circa 3 anni


And if I may: Words are sometimes spoken lightly and come out as a joke or heavily as a rhetoric that can "cut deeply". People laugh including the ones who are affected directly.

No matter how spoken, evil and "venom" words are best confronted in a way not motivated by equal hate but by "giving the other cheek"- with love and forgiveness thus hatred is taken out implicitly and explicitly and may very well result in an apology, hopefully the sincere kind. Giving the other cheek is the strength one needs to confront hatred. Long and short: love begets love.

Like. Thank you Brod for this gem.

circa 3 anni

Thank you Brod for liking and for the above comments.

You know, I have always been guilty of uttering the "unkind" word - a curse word often, insensitive remarks and name-calling sometimes, and of course the frequent uncalled-for cruel jokes. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself to exercise care in what I say, and as a guide to "take out my foot from my mouth", so to speak.

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