By: Gabriella Kill

I am through with trying
and yet constantly feeling weak inside
It hurts to feel this much pain
and be the cause of so much blame
even the slightest sound of your voice
has me obnoxiously tender and ripped inside
I should’ve never let you go
as stubborn and unhappy as I was
you were the one who stopped the rain drops
the one who dramatically brought and whooshed the lighting away
who caused pain and brought happiness within the thunder
who brought me to fall and to love someone
searching for the right words to tell you how much I love you
is now no longer in my dictionary of words
the definition and explanation of love
is what I could never conquer again after this
you meant everything to me
now its tampered goods
lost in my soul
you were able to lift me up
with the hands of god
why choose the likely and smartest child
the most pleasant and polite human being
I was able to share a fully successful life long success with you


sadden inside

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