The years go by but I still miss you

When I was little and you were tall
Your ears were big and my hands were small
I’d want some strawberries but you’d eat them all!
You meant the world to me
Holidays came but soon flew by
You’d tell me off and make me cry
But you always apologised when you knew why
You meant the world to me
The years flew past and you grew old
And I always did what I was told!
But your love for me you wouldn’t withhold
You meant the world to me
I moved away for my first few years
Then that dreaded phone call that I feared
Broke my heart and flowed my tears
You meant the world to me
Every one of us just fell apart
Where were we supposed to start?
But forever you stay with me in my heart
You mean to world to me


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Dani Davis Laura Alaniz

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