Should they may be they might if they delight
In why they must see it be there not only necessarily  
But which they might in which they might  
For which they might delight if they look there  
And they see there that they look there
To see it be there which it is if it is
Which may be where where it is
If they do not occasion it to be different
From what it is.
In one direction there is the sun and the moon
In the other direction there are cumulus clouds and the sky  
In the other direction there is why
They look at what they see
They look very long while they talk along
And they may be said to see that at which they look  
Whenever there is no chance of its not being warmer  
Than if they wish which they were.
They see that they have what is there may there  
Be there also what is to be there if they may care  
They care for it of course they care for it.  
Now only think three times roses green and blue  
And vegetables and pumpkins and pansies too
Which they like as they are very likely not to be  
Reminded that it is more than ever necessary
That they should never be surprised at any one time
At just what they have been given by taking what they have  
Which they are very careful not to add with  
As they may easily indulge in the fragrance  
Not only of which but by which they know  
That they tell them so.

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