To Joel.

A deep growl caged within your ear
Fighting on without a hint of fear
Another victory was won this day
Forever your foes run in dismay
For you have me by your side
Though oft our thoughts collide
Life is the heaviest of our packs
One we lift off each others backs
From merriment and happenstance
You give my heart a better chance
To be guarded from fear and anger
From the enemy’s unknown danger
Which comes in many shapes and guises
An arrow to the knee or fell sword at heart
All are swept aside by your jests and teases
In our hours of need we do not keep apart
We are the brothers that guard ourselves
None may know our most inner knowledge
For that wisdom we do not keep on shelves
But lock it behind bond and sharpened edge
You are the brother that fights on by my side
Without you this life would not be as easy
Sharing all you do but doing more besides
Keeping every day full of hard won glory


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