Truthfully what I’m looking for does not exist
in what I am given
what I want is sitting on the ledge where the sky and earth meet
and I can’t quite make it there
the horizon is the kiss between the physical and spiritual
and only he holds everything that I desire
everything that ties pleasure to pain
its the thin line between love and hate
and I live there
when I look at him
its like soft kiss of a spring’s wind
the mist of the ocean tide
and the light of the noon sun
but its the strike of lightening on a dark day
the last words you hear your lover say
the pain in the middle of a happy day
when i touch him
for the slightest of moments
i walk on the line of love and hate
I lean and shake
I tremble
in the middle of the night I wake
with the nightmare of your lips on mine
and eyes locked in the depths of despise
your energy which i yearn for will be my demise
the hard chest and soft heart
the strong arms and weak knees
the shallow breaths and deep heaves
you make me so so weak

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J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

Very sweet metaphors in this. This imagery of the 'KISS' is quite beautiful. Well done!

about 4 years

thank you so much. share please !

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J Ann Crowder

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