i rack my brain everyday trying to understand why i cant get you out of my head
and i still have no solid answer
i guarded my heart from the beginning but some how you still got it and you’re holding it for ransom
the truth lies behind my eyes because every time i said i didn’t care it was a lie
i knew from the jump that you were the type
to have me weak in the knees
stuttering, making it hard for me to speak
making it even harder for me to leave
solely because of the way you look at me
the way your skin feels under my fingertips
the way your body curves to mine in the depths of night
i fight the urge to hold you with love with all might
i rest my hand on your side
you lay your head next to mine
you kiss my forehead
and my strength goes dead
i prayed for you but you don’t know that
i’m falling for you but you don’t know that
and you never will
because although i feel all these things you still don’t see it
so i’ll suppress my urges and deal with this unrequited love
i’m probably still gone love you from afar
but thats about it till you realize
but by then my hearts gonna be gone

it always happens that way

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