The Reality

music floating in the air
air blowing past the nape of my neck from my fan
eyes slightly weighed down by the anchors of sleep
and the desire to dream
my brain pounding against my skull
the eerie acknowledgment sends chills through my body
and my mind wanders
continuously into the day behind me and the morning ahead and the afternoons presence and the next evening all looming in my conscience
persistance of the everyday questions linger on my lips, as does the desire for them to be caressed with the love of another.. as does the sting of boisterous monstrosities... as does the words I would never dare speak
The feelings that I feel for the being that wishes to call me their own and the being I wish to call my own
so separate in identities but so similar in spiritual standing of creativity and mental abilities
the presence I crave is non existent in the world everyone sees but not in the world everyone is capable to feel
Im just waiting to feel it fully and feel them fully and to be met somewhere where spirits and bodies collide
and to find the answer of pi and the colors inside the sea and sky and the aromas of the winds around the world and then for the heartbeat that matches mine and we celebrate together sprits hand in hand the day we die
just waiting while music floats in the air
and air flows above my skin soothing my body
right before the anchors touch the bottom of the conscious me and i lose myself in sleep dreaming of the day all these come to be and fulfill me and my every spiritual need

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J Ann Crowder London
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