My incapability to love stems from the fear that I will love way too deeply
and then i will ruin my self and never love again
but also that i won’t love enough, destroy some one else and they will never love again
but what exactly is love?
the undying passion that burns in the pit of your stomach when you look at me, like the books describe?
or the glossy eyes, helpless smiles, deep stares, and soft touches like the movies show?
or is it the smile you smile when you make eye contact, or could it be
the simplicity of being
just plain being
within 10 feet of the other and being completely content with the acknowledgment of their presence?
What is love?
I don’t know how to identify it
I don’t know how to say it
I don’t know how to feel it
but i swear i do
i swear i feel it when i look at you
the burning passion in the pit of my stomach
i smile helpless smiles
i brush past you just to feel your warmth
and i am completely content with just being
plainly, with you
but i don’t know
if I’m in love with you
or the mere idea that you may feel the same
the possibility of love is what keeps me coming back
but i don’t want to fall in love with the possibility
i want to fall in love with you

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