i smile but not very often
i laugh but not very loud
i speak but not that much
i love but not too many
but you are an exception to this all
i smile every time i see you
i laugh more and louder every time i’m with you
i speak about any and everything with you
i could love the world with the way you make my heart feel
but my smiles are still not their brightest
my laugh is not as genuine as you think
my words are still very cautiously chosen
and my love isn’t as deep as it can be
but it doesn’t matter because these are just words that will be left unsaid next time i see you
next time we speak
next time you make me smile
next time my laugh is too loud because its 1 am
next time i start to see reasons to fall in love with you

to a man <3

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Leesaan Robertson
about 4 years

Beautiful poem, I love it.

over 4 years

Love this poem!

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Leesaan Robertson Vic

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