To my Mum on her Birthday

I clamber over the rocks and twigs and I see:
“An alleyway of azaleas
choking a beautiful tree”
I trip over tree roots and I feel:
“Soft catkins and jagged nettles
so sharp they cant be real”
I climb over a style and I smell:
“A blanket of garlic and
deep, damp soil in which I fell”
I stumble over bridges and I hear:
“Lots of birds chirping
and the galloping of deer”
I stroll through the long grasses and I touch:
“The water as cold as ice
and a passing dog called Dutch”
I march through the open doors of the restaurant and I taste:
“A mozzarella pizza
which I polished off in haste”
I drag myself upstairs to bed and I say:
“That’s what happened on my nature walk
and thank you mum for a lovely day”


I grant you that this is quite cheesy, but its the first poem I wrote and is momental as I wrote it on my mums birthday as we were out for a walk and also entered it into a poetry competition which I won! -along with others (age 11) and it got published in a book 'poetry explorers'

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Mr Moonlight
almost 7 years

I really like the imagery you've chosen for each scene for this poem. Regardless of age I think it's excellent!

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