A bit out of season!

The wind picked up
crisp, golden brown leaves scattered the ground,
encircling the trees claw like branches.
Silver with frost, it lay like a carpet,
trickling rivers slowly froze into ice
delicate snowflakes drifted from the sky
and trees shivered beneath their coat of snow.
Along with Christmas comes the cold and the frost,
the dark and the wind,
the snow and the ice.
Its not all delights come Christmas day
so think about those with nowhere to stay.
The ones outside in the cold and the frost,
the snow and the ice,
the dark and the wind.

I wrote these two verses as separate part of separate poems (notice how one verse rhymes and the other doesn't) but then I scrapped lots of parts in each poem and stuck these two verses together to make one. I'm happy with this as I think its quite unique and abstract that one verse rhymes and the other doesn't. Maybe it suggests something?

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