I have watched you in your silence,
As the teardrops roll gently down your face,
And I’ve wondered, in my sadness,
Can love ever be replaced?
Or do heartaches last forever?
In the twilight of the evening,
As the sun sets across the western shore,
It reminds me of the grieving;
Red roses strewn across the floor;
And that heartaches last forever.
I know your missing the love that held your hand,
And in the winter chill, the arms that kept you warm,
All those secrets that you kept so well...
For time to tell
Leaving is the hard part,
Cutting loose from the binds that tie you down,
It’s not easy making new starts,
When memories linger all around,
And the heartache lasts forever.
Leave the guilt you feel behind and cut no slack,
And I’ll go on wasting my time,
Walk away and feel no need to look back;
It’s not a crime,
But this heartache will last forever

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