Thoughts spiral.

So every time I close my eyes,
I think of a time when the sun shined to a point where, my eyes were blinded.
I couldn’t see the deadliest of sins.
Curruption, a figure of speech,
Instead I sit in a bubble of
Pain, little but a figment of my imagination.

But what is the purpose of existence?
Eyes open I find myself surrounded by the simplicity of four white walls,
in a playground of memories, my mind swims, but how long can the wildest thoughts within the mind stay afloat.

That time before the last time you left me.
Is a memory I can not forget.
But did you really leave,
Cause when I close my eyes your sat beside me...
Your smile, warm and opening.
Being friendly was or should I say... is your second nature.
Your attitude, your approach —mysterious.
I sit and I try to observe, obligate and understand the role of a human after death.

Is after life an expression?
Or an epiphany of a dream.
Is it golden robes and the surroundings of these four white walls, and the freedom they create through the freedom of thought, that leads me to believe that the cockpit below,6 feet under with 4 white walls does not    make you immune from suffering.

So I ask why are the remains of a human visible in figure shape, but a soul incubated in the shadows of earths corner.

Did you never leave, because I believe your charisma I possess
In life form.
But in reality I feel I hold the power to create the inner thoughts you held...
The ability to look at a bad situation and make it positive through aspiration.
That level of determination to not give up.
You gave your everything.
Yes, you gave your everything.
So why do I still try to reserve the abilities I possess that could also captivate and change my world.

But what is my world, beyond these four white walls, 6 feet above you.

Stephanie Robinson


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