Money an idealism for hard work, prioritised.
However minimum wage is still better than nil.
Invisible to the visible.
Inspired by the triggered temptations,
A window shopper, is the high life a possibility or guarantee only if served on a silver platter.
Governed by material things,
We need to identify the perks of what money can’t buy.
We’ve been living on a high, thinking on a low,
All that pride and self esteem to reassure ourselves we void the presence of editing, photoshopping ... cameras.
The enemy of deception,
Your loves desire, it’s hard to stay away.
Media flashed as an ever lasting episode within the mind.
She may look like a star but only on camera.
Underground royalty ... Education carefully selected to cater to the average.
What if you aren’t average,
Intellectual creativeness,
A blessing or a curse, my grammar doesn’t reciprocate the privileged, am I dull.
My mind oblivious to realism ... Am I too optimistic.
Taught there are two paths to success both the standard procedure
Not exposed to faith,
Dreams interpreted as myth.
Stephanie R

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