Dim the lights
Light a candle
High maintenance meditation
I know what you want
You have a thirst for wealth
Don’t run from where you come from
Treasure your background
That background theatre play of your life
Living your life in the margin
You leave the play blank
Ignoring the interference of past experience
Breath slow and your fine.
That man that touched you has vanquished
That burn that’s scarred your soul has now shrunk in size, is your mind at rest?
Your signature
Lipstick and perfume
High heels, tight dress
But your misunderstood by the stranger
You remember a time when you were free
Virgin Mary implied meaning with only the connotations of a cocktail one too many in your later life.
Remember once upon a time
You were never treading water
Unaware of the realities of cruelty
Take yourself back there in mentality
Stress free
Dim the lights some more, light a candle and reminisce
Joy, love, freedom
Break the band you enslaved yourself too
Breath ... Take it easy
High maintenance meditation.
Stephanie R

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