Why that sleeve ?

Could it be...
No really, does it have to be
That I settle for my emotions being vulnerable puppet strings in the hands of fate with no structured seasons.
I become Oblivious to time,
How long do I allow desire and lust to lead my actions.
Greed in desire only practical in giving me the drive to encourage strong urges that leave me yearning to have your affectionate touch.
Make me feel beautiful.
My mind is a mile long thin track through tree filled land. Natural surroundings spark my nostalgia. chasing me back through time to the memories I shared with another man .
Back to the glares and moments we shared that created a monument.
Please may it be explained to me how the spark I feel between myself and the other guy becomes clearer with every crystal roll with share .
My heart far above and beyond  my bare sleeve in contrast to your black and white rain cloud sleeve,
The Value behind your art sinks you into psychological debt
The depth of the ink Entices me into unravelling your story
I find myself assessing your masculinity presented in your outer appearance.
I wanna know you better,
Your unique...
A heroic stand and smile catch my eye.
only after you caught me in the act of deep thought will engaged in eyeballing your tattoos with a mischievous smirk..
Edging closer to there meanings I try to discover what emotions you had fought in your past to balance out the light and dark you portray in the clouds.
All it took was my eyes to lock in your glance  And I felt absorbed in the abundance of your bittersweet rain cloud of compassion.
Stephanie Robinson

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