D.L - Zambia

Laying in the bed of a palace, which has a five star price tag to match.
My tenets; if even possible to be sieved and purified, to a level equal on the weights of lady justice, I stand incomparable in class.
Laying in the silk sheets she would have laid daily .
Sat in a bubble, the mind loses control, your thoughts uncontrolled ... conscienceless.
Secluded from natural order and monstrous realities...
The natural habitat of humanity.
The same environment where I see that ... typical advert in a deserted land, struggling.
Turn a blind eye, another channel will be just fine.
That’s an analogy to closed minds; minds that lay Indecisive, corrupted by the privileges of money, as well as continuously deceived by the power of language.
Our minds are similar in behavioural reaction, stigmatised, why do we chose to remain frozen in a still frame.
Silk sheets with a five star price, queen for the night poor out of site ... Uncomfortable reality.
Stephanie Anne


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