Graced by Nature’s Wrath And Peace

The storm of the night abated to the past.
Silver lining of clouds highlighted
deep dark canvas above...
soon to bare clear starry sky
with twinkling stars
and a full moon to shine...
Radiating light with perfect reflection,
on narrow stream’s steady flow
The stream flows life's energy,
too precious to ignore...
on the banks great creatures to behold...
The great buck with wide spread antlers
looks on with its majestic stance.
The wide-eyed doe and her two spotted fawns
continue to drink calmly from the stream.
Their silhouettes...drawn to perfection!
Further down the stream... across the bank...
A family of furry, ring-tailed,
nocturnal creatures are enjoying
newly snared meal from the stream.
Suddenly, startled mother alerts her cubs...
disappear  in the brush quickly as
they emerged!
Frightened by emerging red fox,
a swimming beaver abandoned
a log he was propelling upstream.
He slaps the water surface
with his flat, broad tail;
warning nearby beavers
before he dives in again..
The red fox’s eyes glowed green
as moonlight shines upon them.
He inched closer to the stream...
and lowers his head for a drink.
Ripples in the water extend enough to reach
floating twig where minuscule turtle perched.
Down the stream, the twig floats...
where abundant creatures were up and about
from stormy night’s past...
Graced by nature’s wrath... then peace within.


Preferido o celebrado por...
Cory Garcia Barb Clarke
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