Suddenly, once grayish white clouds
turned deeper grey and floated in great speed.
Lightnings flashed behind clouds at a distance;
accompanied with roaring thunder
warning everything below
as wrath to be unleashed from above.
Great force send hostile winds
whipping unguarded trees.
Relentlessly, howled and moaned,
rustled everything in its way...
Leaves were caught in whirlwind
and dispersed in mid-air.
Again, startling lightnings
crackled with thunderclaps.
Heavy downpour, so blinding–
I decided to seek shelter.
In the dark, apprehended the intensity of storm,
I contemplated the worst scenario
this storm would leave behind
or what it would not leave at all.
Anxiously, I sat quietly with my family...
waited and prayed for the calm to follow...
... and it did!
Once again, graced by God’s loving hands, we are safe...
and I thank the Lord!

Surviving the tornado/storm

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plus de 3 ans

thank you Charlotte and Robert for compliments! :)

Robert L. Martin
plus de 3 ans

Great poem with the appropriate photograph to go along with it.

Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 3 ans

So beautiful the way you described the storm with such detail. Awesome poem Imrouge, yes He will truly bring us through the storm

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