Carousel I see,
parading in front of me.
Elephant, giraffe, chimpanzee
and I think... a giant bumble bee!
Yonder, I see
travelers at sea.
Dolphins on the horizon
being chased by a lion??
Zebra is galloping below
in a colossal igloo!?
There it is!  A monkey!
Hanging on a tree!
My baby and I spied...
All these white stuff we eyed
are merely floating clouds,
up in the sky above.
Today is a beautiful day in the sun,
As we sit out here  to eat our Cinnabon!


Remembering the days when my children played " I spied...."

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quasi 5 anni

Thank you Mr. Moonlight!

Mr Moonlight
quasi 5 anni

Lovely! Children can be gloriously surreal!

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