By: Imrogue
Flickering lights
illuminated my way
through the tunnel of sorrow.
Coldness in the night
that blanketed me all those years
is comforting tonight than ever.
Darkness upon me shrouded my being
and held my soul captive
yet, have no desire to escape.
Tortured life endured
throughout those years,
calloused my soul
and damned me to darkness.
The morning light
will soon peek at my window
but, will that be enough
to transform my rotting soul?
Will it be enough
to release me from darkness
and to once again welcome it
with an open heart?


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circa 5 anni

I really liked it... Made me think so deep! ^_^ xxxx

quasi 3 anni

@Delilah: Thank you for reading and for liking it!

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