Saturday visit to the marina
was a lovely reminder of yesterdays.
We were greeted with handsome crafts display.
Each tide’s rise and fall lulled these
crafts like little babes in cradles.
Ah, finally... a familiar boat came to sight...
“Bitter –Sweet” contentedly awaiting
for loyal friends in the past.
Your twinkling eyes like harbor lights
hid under the brim of your hat.
Your cap’s bill, still adorned
with favorite fish hook
you claimed “lucky” all those years.
So, we board the craft and I saw
how you handled her with pride.
Maneuvered her with ease
because it was so much better
when the tide is high–
I felt the gentle ebb as we cruised
towards the bay's blue horizon–
The peaceful sight surrounded us
as we anchored the boat
amidst clear water–
There, you sat with your fishing pole
as you patiently waited the catch of the day.
I watched your contentment...
That was a picture-perfect happiness!!

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Environ 4 ans

Yes...gaining happiness is simple. Without knowing that secret people gad around for tasteless joy. A nice poem with clear diction and lucid run.

Environ 4 ans

Thanks for reading and for your commenting!

Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

A great day for fishing. Besides enjoying yourselves so much, did you catch any fish?

plus de 4 ans

no, unfortunately...:-))

Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 4 ans

Sounds like a beautiful day.

plus de 4 ans

thanks for reading and commenting!

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