Array of sea glass arts
meticulously displayed with pride.
Framed art mosaics with
hues of red, blue, green, brown...
pink and the purple... the rarest kind.
Sometimes, they glitter and sparkle
when touched by light.
Each glass has story to tell...
and all tossed and hurled
into the ocean’s care.
Sea glass of time appeared once more...
This time, to be sought and be admired
Like the framed art mosaics
I now gaze upon...
From human’s own undoing...
Seasoned by ocean’s waves and tides...
...the sea glass of time.


Sea glass are shards of broken glasses
eventually smoothen by the waves
after periods of time .
This process takes about 20-30 years
and sometimes 50 years.

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Charlotte B. Williams
casi 5 años

Sounds beautiful, I,d like to see it. Is it as beautiful as a sea shell ? Nice poem

casi 5 años

Thanks for reading! i heard there's a lot of them in the beaches of Fort Bragg,CA. I Definitely would love to see them someday.

Robert L. Martin
casi 5 años

Some of those are beautiful and look like a rare gem. I used to live in Laguna Beach and saw them many times.

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