Up on the Aratiles tree,
the little girl shouted to thee.
“Red berries are now ready,
get the basket, come and see!”
Under the Aratiles tree,
children played hide and seek.
The little girl counted: "one, two, three;
ready or not I'll seek thee!"
Under the Aratiles tree,
children rode their bikes so care-free!
Under the Aratiles tree,
The girls had a grand tea party.
Under the Aratiles tree;
children played Hopscotch and agreed
to remember this day with thee;
childhood memories full of glee.


Aratiles Tree (Muntingia calabura) - is a fast growing tree with cotton candy -flavored fruit.
In the Philippines ,where I came from, children are fond of climbing these trees because of their sweet berries. It is also known as Jamaican Cherry Tree.

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over 4 years

Thank you, Charlotte! you do have a beautiful smile as well! :)

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

Sounds like a lot of fun under that tree, delightful poem, and always good to Ssee your beautiful smiling face Imrouge.

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