by: Imrogue
Beautiful smile...pearly whites show
bedimpled cheeks... and your afterglow!
Warm hugs and sweet kisses
desserts after delicious dishes.
Lullaby hums and stroking fingers
through my hair... I still remember!
Motion after motion
No preconceived notion...
This is love...
coming from above!
Your personae,
Like the City of Mycenae
Tender lovings, ever so mild...
You gave so much to this orphan child!

City of Mycenae (rich in gold, known to be a
well-founded citadel) as accounted
by Homer in Iliad.

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over 4 years

you are welcome! great to know that my poem made you smile as you start your day yesterday...your comment makes me smile as I retire at the end of the day... :-)

steven t.
over 4 years

After yesterdays myriad trials I'm glad I found my way back to this poem which gave me a big smile to start my day...;>)....thanks!

over 4 years

You are very welome Steven! I am glad you find it that way! :))

steven t.
over 4 years

reading this was like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winters night...thanks for sharing

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