Portrait of a cultural meme. Inspired by the YouTube analyses of Einzelganger.

Slicked back with motor-oil:
a glimmer of gin across my teeth
also winks
back the Sun-glare.
Perceiving the world as that sickly yellow-tint
seen through knock-off Ray-Bans.
Cruising the open-air of my hotrod:
my stolen bicycle.
I live and let live,
cheering on the chic, autistic child’s crusade
whose army of cumbersome, b-movie robots
I have hired
to endlessly calibrate
my vape
Drunk on canned margaritas,
at the loom of a well-rehearsed yarn,
I remind my orphan
how I expatriated my senior year of high-school.
Anecdotal ayahuasca babes of Paraguay
know life is just a road-trip.

Part of a trilogy of original poems based on the meme-type philosophy of Einzelganger.

#boomer #babyboomer #meme #memetype #einzelganger #weltschmerz #worldpain #worldweariness

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