That weight you bear your burden and birthright
Endure. Ascend that faithful hill you climb
If even angels come by day or night
Offering sweet respite before the time
By craft to render Spirit’s substance light
Be sure highways of gilded words pave crime
The beast is born to rule and revel mud
His flightless life knows neither loss nor love
He mates in filth and calmly chews his cud
Dumb, nameless and deaf to the singing dove
His life consumed by the burn of his blood
To wonder, blinded and the stars above
By Spirit the soul of human-beings
Through suffering daily is refined
To bear the fruit of Heaven’s dreams
By death of beasts to birth a higher kind
But death each beast must choose by freedom’s means
If they’d aspire at last to take their wings
The substance of the Spirit, no light-weight
Within it bound eternal dignity
To seek escape from toil and troubled fate
Is to renounce the soul’s autonomy
Whatever proud devices we create
No aid will take by force eternity
Proud tyrants by lies and technology
Are known to offer earthly paradise
The beast will bind the new man to a tree
His lust and greed protesting freedom’s price
So cling to what is heavy, yours and free
Know suffering’s prize is reaped in sacrifice

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Robert L. Martin
8 meses

I liked this alot. I gueass it was about the crucifiction of Christ. Also there is a sentence in there, (By death of beasts to birth a higher kind) reminds me of the Hindu belief of Kharma. I love both religions and believe that whatever happens in the after life depends upon what religion one strongly believes in. For me, all I know is that something good will happen to me. I have no fear.

Isaac Eustice
Isaac Eustice
8 meses

I was thinking of the contrast between the ideas that people are just animals or that people have a higher, spiritual nature. It definitely has Christian themes, but it could be interpreted through a Hindu lense as well I suppose. I have a lot of respect for the eastern religions.


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