Putting together
thoughts that move fast in cycle
like today’s world worse
nightmare, loss of innocence
shifting like dry sand, flaking
scorching, blistering
by Reality World
of Peace Respect Love... more Love
creating constant puzzle...
Tamed life oblivious
of better times... FREEDOM... to
go out, trust, play, laugh...
...cast away. Left image
skewed... that echoes bloody wars.
The fleeting prowess
of glasses to truly see...
...diminished with the
moving sand of today. Much
going on around the Globe!
Tell me pleeeeease! Who set
on the wind of hate from East?
that burnt out human
heart, faded away kind mind,
rusted soul. Stale glass made
symbol of ego
boosted to max. No longer
let in the image
of Hope. Give Peace on Earth a
chance. Whilst we try to want GOOD
even for those who
do nothing but bad for World.
A minority
albeit a deadly. We fear.
It’s reminder; overcome
own anger’ keep faith
in Human Love’ Kindness!
At such terrible
moment all we want’s a glimpse
of life TOGETHER in PEACE!
Diminished Sight (c) 2013 Isabella Koldras

Tanka poem 5-7-5-7-7 and oil painting on linen canvas by Isabella Koldras

Diminished Sight, Isabella Koldras,

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