Her kindness, beauty and humility have given me a new courage to face the World and my life...cheerfully, after she's gone...

...I heed your sound confide
finely tuned into my journey
on planet Earth gravitation ride.
Your idea that a life
is a dance of a kind
an illusion of a fast forward
steps. Real self holding the glow
in “now” moment. Nowhere to
hide Space. And time
of a quiet meditation with Nature
found in Oneness with everything else.
The words straight from the mouth of your little horse!
Watching you living your life daringly’ with
great humility I learned how to complete my task
find strength and stamina to dance. Draw a deep breath
and focus on what surely is a worthwhile goal...here on Earth...
I ought to stand still
to stand my ground
to fight the corner
to clearly think sudden pause
to face the music in the queue
to pick up the chance
suspended in the air
before I take off and rise to the sky
before I land into pattern of an common dance
in front of a windmill of my own mind
the voice of your own hope is the only
one worth heeding... you said.
Transparent realm out of which
everything else springs!
there are many outside rhythms... you declared
that woo when the crowd seems
to be shifting out of your side
refuse to be destructed
by envy... by many fibs... deceiving senses
compromises you are being required
to put up with. You must be committed
to something worth sticking at
refuse to be trampled down by many feet
crushing upon your feelings
in their eagerness to wreck your life
respond with grace to a change of rhythm
status quo steps... same dance
on the same floor... time after time
to taking risks in face of fear
smiling from behind the veil
to taking a big leap of faith and fail
a life lesson learned. Be bold
answer to no one... you said
disobedience’s an original virtue dance
when your eye’s set on “first do not harm” and error
hidden behind corrupted charm
perseverance is the key
even if you fall on your face
have nothing to regret
for in the end you gave it a shot
to be the best version of yourself
whether succeed or fail
taking a risk gives you faith
the confidence to do more
and build greatness in yourself
elegant whirling pirouette turn
into a tale of triumph over adversity and for
a little longer take  a chance... if doesn’t kill
makes you stronger... is the dance
good manners cost nothing
take a full turn on your toes and bow
find amusement in passing show
tread softly on daily minefields
place of striving... sacrifice... struggling
against daunting odds...a place that buried human
pride... unfulfilled dreams... broken heart
a spirit of hope lost
place a flower on the silent tomb
housing unexploded bomb of words
charged with vexatious truth
easily triggered by a simple critical point
from birth to death stop to rest
draw an otherworldly sustenance
into your earthly dance
With a sudden gust of breeze came “No pain no gain” words
from towering about golden velvet throne floating freely amongst
the shining stars spiritual being en masse with my Mother’s 40th Birth
I wish you were here Mum
offer reason for my confusing steps
swapping my favourite hero for a ghost...
I can’t dance without you!
In Time for Mother’s Day (c) 2015 Isabella Koldras

Free verse poem.

In Time for Mother's Day, Isabella Koldras, no pain no gain,

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