...everything, everything in life has a price tag attached... Experience...

Have you been ever
aware, that you have a power?
Yees... you, yees... power.
Power and right to choose your
own life. After all... it’s yours.
In that vein, you choose
to dream, work, write, save, travel,
spend Spring in Turkey,
Summer in Sydney, Autumn...
well... all seasons... be just... YOU.
As of now you choose
to embrace your life being
writer, work glutton,
make-up artist, novelist
avid reader... terrible
cook... angel, hideous
spirit... Oh! yes... also choose
clear focus... Key in
finding your niche, excelling
at whatever else you choose.
You put your heart, mind
to something you love, follow
through, learn skills, build craft,
fill your brain with knowledge
and scope out competitions... win.
And to burst with your
expectations... exploring
both ends of Earth
requires... Experience. Soul
nourished with satiated lust.
Don’t get stir, and go
off on a tangents! Confused
full of obnoxious
doubts. With new ping quitting things
moving on. Away. Flying,
jumping, asking... Why?
Why... why me? Take it easy.
Think. So you can say
that’s... chosen life... and have fun
with Power to Choose... Instead.
Power to Choose (c) Copyright 2013 Isabella Koldras

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Robert L. Martin
6 months

I totally agree, Isabella. We are so lucky. I just hope that what ever we choose, we can handle. We have to find our talent first, then the process becomes much easier.


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