...there are moments in life worth living for. Spring meditative walk is one of them. Mind frozen in the moment. Changed perception of time. Augmented sense of satisfaction and happiness. Mind filled with awesomeness...

Took a Walk to Hill
of Vaucluse dew pearled green lashed
carpet of grass washed
clean. Sun dried. Spell whispering
wind dancing  with joy on cheeks'
hair tossing fresh air
laughing teasing bushes. Wild
flowers yield bouquet
scattered around. Delighted
to sense on my skin at Spring’s
morning magic scent swelled
with wonder stuck moments. Freeze
melted ground relieved
aware of warmed up Season’s
change. The round of new pleasure
awe-inspiring time.
Soil soft damp refreshed cool by
morning Spring shower
of rain and sprayed with perfumed
sweet sea air. Ready. Proclaimed
available. Fertile
in ecstatic living strains
giving Herself to
the Season’s Spirit. Holding
nothing back. Happy to be
desired. Taking
in transformation’s new seeds
penetrated soft
by Breeze that delivers yearn.
Vigour. Promise. Force of life
with passion like days
of Youth knowing no limits.
Firmly believe that
the Heart of every human
IS WAS WILL always be young.
Walking outside quiet
uphill with Nature alone
brings back reminder
of how it feels to be for
ever Triumphant and Young!
Don't waste precious time
wondering whether you're up
to the act. Just get
on with getting it right. Walk
with Nature comforts your Soul!
Spring Walking in Vaucluse Hill (c) 2013 Isabella Koldras

Tanka poem 5-7-5-7-7

awe inspiring time, Spring, Vaucluse Hill, Vaucluse NSW, Spring Walking in Vaucluse Hill, Isabella Koldras,

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Robert L. Martin
presque 4 ans


Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
Environ 5 ans

One of your best! Thank you for a wonderful journey through Mother Nature, I loved every moment...

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Robert L. Martin

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