It’s crazy to me
How we can love God so much
In the confines of our infinite relationship
But when it comes to being verbal
Being loud
Talking, about how wonderfully awesome the God of the universe is
We tend to use small words
As if the word omnipotent, scares us
Because we can’t grasp a higher power who hides his face
We don’t understand how some one, some thing so loving
Caring, full of mercy and grace
decided to hide his face
See, that makes God so alluring to me
Sure, we can say his face is physically hidden
But look around
Open your eyes
All of this
All of this beauty
Disguised in blue, green, brown
Fluffy animals
Sharp fangs
It’s all part of our God’s creation
Yet, we take this creation for granted
We make choices we probably shouldn’t
We run around like chickens with our heads cut off
Doing whatever feels good
Whatever feels right
But because of the loving grace that we have in our Savior
We have been set free
Free from guilt
Free from shame
See, I like to imagine God as a loving parent bird
No, a griffin!
A lion AND an eagle
Yeah that should do
This earth is like a sort of nest
A parent bird just wants to see it’s little chicklings fly
Leave the nest
Explore the world
Enjoy the life set out in front of them
I imagine that this God guy is
He is like some sort of parent
But instead of getting mad
Getting upset
Getting angry
Being ashamed of us because of something that we once did
He’s always right there
Ready to catch us if we fall out of the sky mid flight


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over 4 years

i like the sentument of this poem :-)

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