Trying to contain these wild emotions
Like fireflies caught in the summer
But like water in the midst of heat they evaporate into nothing
I feel like these emotions are here to stay
but instead they turn their head and walk away
My eyes are stuck in the carpool lane
The carpal tunnel of love
But am I really feeling love or am I just vain
Always thinking of my best interest, while my eyes are on her
Do my eyes feel love
Or do they feel lust
The two feel very similar
But one is pure and holy
And the other can be reduced to dust
So don’t tell me that the words I write are complete shit
Don’t tell me that I have never felt what I am telling you that I feel
Keep your words in the dark pit
I truly want to give her my all
Lay my body down as if I fell
Cause girl you make me
Want to make me small
Your love is like a lifeguard
Saving me from the treacherous waves that abound
There’s nothing to cry about
Because I’ll follow you into the dark
When love is an empty and cold room
The fire in your soul is your comfort
It is a fire so big and uncontained
That a soul cannot contain
These emotions


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Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

Love is like a torch that lights up the inner domain of the heart. New feelings makes you come alive

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