I find you in the stillness
If I take the time to be
To look deep
And wonder at the goodness
The intricacies of love
Everything working as one
Just as the worlds
Birds, bees, and bugs
Pollinate the flowers
That speak of beauty
While well-dressed in floral leafs
Together the clouds ride the breeze
Spreading cotton amongst the earth
Giving hugs of warmth and solace
Together the planets and the stars
Paint the night sky
As the Milky Way sets the runway
For anyone to ride
It’s all marvelous
Mysteriously crafted
And wondrously beautiful
The give and take of the bees
Holds the secret to living
Together as one
As the South Africans call it
The idea that we are all connected
At it’s core
Community is a connection
Between people of a multitude of roots
All remembering that I am
Because of who we all are

It may take a few times to read through but, the different ideas in the poem are all a part of one big theme.

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