I’m waiting for you to walk into my life
To love me despite my flaws and faux paws
To look past those wretched things
Which make up an imperfect being
My hands are cut and bruised
My eyes are red and bursting at the seems
My legs are weak and weary
Loving you is taking me slowly
Every other word out of your mouth is like fire set to a fuse
that leads straight to my heart
Stop hurting me so badly
These ways of yours are vile and immoral
Pack up and walk the line of shame
Take your ways to sin city and jet
Every time I close my eyes and dream
I pray for poetic justice to triumph
For the hurt to be healed
And for the crestfallen to be crowned
Bless you or curse you
I may be part of the few
But I will give my all
and I will love you



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