Many of us
Walk a few feet
And get scared
As if the water’s
Too deep
But I know this dude
That walks on water
And keeps the party
From going under
Now you might think
That what I’m saying is insane
Like causing you to rethink
Makes me a ludicrous freak
Like some how
Thinking that there’s someone
That was and is and is to come
Makes me an uneducated baboon
We all know that
We started out as monkeys, right
I mean, the sheer thought
That we were created
And bought
Is beyond the sphere of human conceivability
But that is simply the reason
That a faith in God
Is not our own
Because on our own we have
The faith of a mustard seed
A faith that can grow
But only with the
Help of the gardener
A faith that can
Move mountains

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