My friend, where have you gone to
You’re wandering around like a lost soul
Finding new caves to explore
Weaving in and out of stone made hallways
Passing the harbor of love
Finding something to suffice, but only for a moment
only for a moment
Leaving bruising
and scarring that cannot heal with earthly remedies
Much pain is felt when the wounds are so deep
Not even stitches can mend  
Choices fuel the decisions that can lead to vast abysses
Choices are not all of life
Choices are the glue that holds together
The raft of your wandering life
Which glides just above the deep and seemingly bottomless chasm
You may think that you can swim
But really, how much can you swim?
How’s your fitness?
Knowing that there is one that will never leave
He’ll always stay
Brings joy to bound and unbound hearts
But it gets harder,
and harder
The rope that is bound around your neck
It gets tighter
and tighter, as you swim away
As you swim
Breathing gets harder
You may not be as fit as you once thought
Gasping for life
You panic
And panicking only leads to the fear of losing your life
But what do we have to fear when our life is guarded by the best lifeguard


It's metaphorical play gym. Have fun interpreting it for your own life.


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