The peach-faced lovebird calls out like the ringing of African bells
The lions triumphant roar is like brass trumpets
Announcing the arrival of a king
The bonfire gives light to a joyous dance  
With the rising of the flames, a pop is heard and immediately imitated by a grey parrot
The dancing feet around the fire pound the ground
Creating a bass that is felt down in the soul
Their eyes shine so brightly like stars in the night
Their joyous souls dance to the rhythm of the drums
and the tree trunk provides the beautiful low-pitched resounding sound
This moment feels like a dream that MLK had
People from around the globe joining in song
United by love and dance
Black and White
The skin pigments are polar opposites that have a history rooted in brutality and torture
But by love they can reunite
Forgetting the past
Putting those wretched things behind
Bitterness doesn’t help a person to grow
But forgiveness allows for a person to let go
of all he thought he knew
And love, despite pain



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