Wake me when the dead
rise to walk the earth
So shake me because I’ll be
pretending that I’m dirt
Wake me when Jesus christ
climbs off his suicide stick
Tell him I’m tired of waiting for
an explination of how a child could sin
If he’s on your side and equally mine
there’d be no good guys, no bad guys,
no murder, no hunger or war, and no
more assholes that always
seem to win
If being the best at who or what I am is evil, then I guess I was born to burn for original sin,… just like him
So wake me from final rest on the
day zombies feast on flesh
You’ll find me unafraid and laughing
while you struggle to understand why
A bastard son was sent to fix
his daddy’s mess
I can’t wait for the day when you finally see that we’re nothing more
than dinosaur farts blowing
in a cosmic wind
So dig me up on Man’s last day
I want to be there the moment you realize the voice of God is none other than your space monkey thoughts every time you pray
So before you disturb my entropy and bliss, if you believe any of this,  I can’t help you, I wouldn’t even know where to begin
Wake me when the dead replenish the earth, while martyrs preach madness in every tounge to the feeble and young,
So do not disturb unless the end is nigh, let me rest under my emerald turf, content in death knowing we’re all just super novae afterbirth. ~
Written by: J.A. Lutz
© 07/31/13

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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Well written :)


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