To the indigent, the skilled, the hard working labourers of the world that give us so much modern conceive.

Hands are heavy and
pockets are full
the people hunger
as pigs feed the bull
Stomachs are empty and belts are tight for all
less  the one percent
Hand to mouth
so we eat the rich,
this is the people’s descent
We mourn the loss of comrades in arms
as riot gear swine sound their alarms
Candy coated rhetoric from the Left and the Right
This is our time
This is our fight
Candle lit marches are not how it’s done
molotovs and bullets
until this battle is won
They have nothing without the blood of our labour and
sweat of our brow
This is our fight
Our time is Now
Counter culture movements have come and they’ve gone
our war is not over until King falls to Pawn
~Written by: J.A. Lutz

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james matthew coleman
almost 8 years

I agree with gia

Aleksandr Lütz
almost 8 years

Thank you. I get lucky SOMETIMES.

gia frisco
almost 8 years



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