To the curious, the joyfully lost adventurers & psychonauts.

Peel back this vale of time and space
Blind eyes two of three
Broadcast link to hive mind
Dance with lucid mirror images of me
Molecule catalyst introspective dream
I want this vision to be real
I want to meet you there
This happened at our birth with no recollection
It will happen at death with no promise of memory
Thought is lost like ripple quake in this pond
Watching everything around me disassemble
Hearing alien shapes
Approaching brilliant burning lotus
Penetrate it like new birth
Overwhelmed by pillar forest gallery
Playful whispers surround me
“Welcome back, we’ve been expecting you” in four dementional booming symphony
Instantaneous explanation of everything
Like life absent reflection this woman stares right through me
She casts the doubt from shadows that surround me
Serpents swirl from clouds black-hole galaxy
Fear leaves me now
A million eyes blink at every word spoken from a portal in the center of my head
We are not special
This was not made for us
but we are worshipped  as if it was
Written by: J.A. Lütz

Explore your Pineal Gland. Commune with the Universe; all that was, is, and ever will be.

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