I can’t help that I root for the villains;
Antichrist, Bilderberg,
Rothschild, New World Order
I just like to watch a good plan fall apart.
I like a reminder of how weak we really are
We are so easily swayed
like money changes hands, so are we betrayed
Power is an illusion we can’t seem to live without
so we get looking busy, like foraging ants scurrying about
We’re still the same, safe to say that nothing has changed
Same nervous rats
Same fucking maze
We can’t agree on a single thing not even to save our own life
Can’t tolerate  each other long enough to achieve a single goal
We are pesthole
Collective pesthole
Spread and thrive
We are pesthole
So I cheer for planetary cancer cure
Drive this plague ship in front of the next passing meteor
We can’t change, we stay the course
So I anxiously await  good news from a pale horse
Silver bullet solution
for growing social toxicant
I can’t think of a species more irrelevant

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almost 7 years

the story of b. a book you might like.

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